+ Do you do Online Counselling?

Yes I do online Counselling using an application called Zoom. You do not have to download Zoom to use it. All that is required is clicking on a lick I send you in an email.

+ Is it the same as face to face counselling?

No, there are significant differences between online and face to face counselling. Some of these are:

A large amount of information that therapists use is through body language and subtle shifts of posture. This information is not available online so the therapy concentrates on language. The time-lags in internet communication can interrupt the flow. The therapist is not able to offer physical support. Sometimes the therapist may reach out to offer a tissue, or make a gesture to show empathetic contact. This is difficult online. The client is in their own space. This can be an advantage, however in face to face therapy many clients find the "getting away" from their normal environment into the different "therapeutic space" is a significant part of being able to talk openly. Online clients sometimes find it difficult to ensure they are undisturbed and private in the house or office and this can make it difficult to talk.

+ Why work online?

The main reason people do online counselling is that it is the only counselling they can access. It is used by people in rural areas, and where people find it difficult to travel to a therapist.

+ What is online therapy useful for?

Accessing support where none exists locally Accessing support when ability to travel to see a therapist is limited Coaching & developing coping strategies - short term, goal orientated work, using cognitive tools and processes to solve immediate problems.
Short term gaps between face to face sessions - where clients have to move for work or family reasons but wish to continue working on particular issues. Psycho-education- the earliest part of therapy which introduces psychological metaphors and concepts with the aim of encouraging the client to use these as the foundation to continue exploring themselves under their own steam.

For more information, or to arrange your introductory session, please contact me.