I am a qualified counsellor who uses Transactional Analysis (TA) psychotherapy as the basis of my work.

I have a Diploma in Transactional Analysis and am a member of COSCA, Scotland's counselling accrediting body. I am also a member of UKATA, the Transactional Analysis accrediting body. 

My experience in ADHD, High Functioning Autism and Aspergers began with my own ADHD diagnosis back in 2007. I found TA concepts very useful in understanding my ADHD and I began using TA to support other Adult ADDers online, becoming the moderator of a large ADHD peer support forum. 

During my TA training I was a full time carer for my Alzheimer father. My increasing TA knowledge had a positive effect on my relationship with my father during this difficult time and also hugely improved my resilience as a carer. My work with Carers builds on this experience. 

As my fathers Alzheimers progressed, I learned more about the impact his time at Boarding School had on him. This led me to the work of Nick Duffel and the Boarding School Survivors Network.  Through my TA training I realised that my fathers Boarding School experiences had also affected my life in ways I hadn't previously understood. I now use TA and my personal experience to inform my work with ex-Boarding School pupils and people who have ex-Boarding School parents. 

TA is also used in Organisational Development and Education. This is what originally drew me to train in TA as I wanted to improve my skillset as a 3rd sector facilitator and wilderness guide. As part of my TA training I worked as a volunteer counsellor in two low cost counselling services. I so enjoyed it I switched focus to become a TA counsellor, though I still do some 3rd sector and wilderness work.

Through my 3rd sector facilitation work, I understand the psychological stresses many 3rd sector workers and volunteers face. Working in this sector is different to other work as there is often a degree of commitment to a "cause" which makes burnout or disillusionment more likely and more distressing. This also applies to political, social and environmental activists.

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