Work related stress and anxiety is very common. Sometimes we feel trapped and overwhelmed by the demands of work. The behaviour of our managers and colleagues can so become hard to handle that it affects our mental health and physical wellbeing.

Transactional Analysis is ideally suited to exploring workplace difficulties as it is frequently used in business environments to promote better organisational outcomes. There is even a specialised branch of TA that focusses on this one area. 

As a TA therapist I'm trained to help you become aware the factors affecting your response to your workplace environment, and help you create new options around your work.

This can be challenging to do, but it brings great benefits as the knowledge gained during therapy increases your ability to work in a way thats best for you and ultimately helps you get more from life and work. 

If you'd like to arrange an introductory session please contact me using this form or via SMS/Signal on 07419211548.