Before training as a therapist I worked for many years with a small charity that offered consultancy, mentoring and support to managers, board members and trustees of third sector organisations. 

I still provide mentoring and consultancy in the Third Sector using my TA skills to help organisations experiencing difficulties or in the process of starting up. 

I specialise in helping Managers, Trustees, Board members and staff create dialogue around the organisation's Objectives, Constraints and Resources. I coach staff and volunteers in TA and NVC (Non-Violent Communication) to improve understanding of the communication process and help identify the emotional base from which people are negotiating.

Learning to remain in what TA calls the  "I'm OK, You're OK Adult ego-state" and use NVC's 4 step dialogue process reduces stress helping communication stay grounded. People move away from from emotionally entrenched positions, becoming curious about each other's position even when difficult subjects are being discussed.

The objective is an achievable and mutually acceptable set of Objectives where people understand their part in the process. Dialogue helps people understand the constraints others work under and the resource limitations within the organisation and the wider community. The learning of TA and NVC techniques means that the organisation can use continue to dialogue to solve the inevitable new problems that will occur as the organisation evolves. 

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