I work with a wide range of people who might identify as Highly Sensitive, Geeks, Introverted, and just plain different.

If you identify with some of the following I might be the therapist for you.

  1. You spend a lot of time worrying about how to fit in
  2. You feel "different"
  3. You wonder why other people don't "get" it.
  4. You are intelligent but underachieve in areas of your life. 
  5. You try hard to make friends but it doesn't work out
  6. You don't really want to connect with other people but life seems to require it and you want to learn how.
  7. You don't do small talk.
  8. You are much more sensitive to sensations and emotions than people around you
  9. You have continual interpersonal problems at work and in relationships
  10. You are creative and can focus on things you like, but find it difficult to do things other people find simple.  
  11. You or others have wondered whether you're ADHD, Aspergers or "on the spectrum" either seriously or in jest. 
  12. You can disappear into something and lose track of time.  
  13. You have addictive patterns in your life, drugs, alcohol, sex, computer games, risky behavour

I  use a type of psychotherapy called Transactional Analysis. It suits the introverted, "different" or geek client base because it's simple, elegant and deep. One of its strengths is that it explains in a logical way how people think and behave. This is often a bit of a closed book to people who feel a bit "neurodifferent" (ND). Exploring behaviour communication and emotion using TA helps the ND person get to grips with how the "Neurotypical" (NT) world works, making it much easier to navigate the how, when and why of interactions.

TA helps reduce the sense of difference and alienation felt by many introverts and creatives, helping to reduce stress and choose when and how to interact with the NT world. It helps the creative manage their boundaries and get needs met, both mundane and artistic.

If you would like to find out if talking to me might help, please contact me here