I am a TA therapist, which means I use an approach called Transactional Analysis. From the outside TA therapy looks like every other kind of talk therapy, two people sitting in a quiet room having a conversation for an hour. 

Talking therapy is different from other conversations you might have with friends and family. What you say to me is bound by strict codes of confidentiality and ethics. This means you can talk about parts of your life that you may not want to share with anyone who knows you.

 As a Transactional Analyst I don't solve your problems, I help you look at yourself and your environment in new ways. You decide what we look at, and what changes you might like to make in your life. TA supports this through tools and techniques that increase your awareness of your choices and how to act on them. At the end of the process you'll have learned enough to choose when and how to change.

Usually, when we open up to someone, we don't expect the relationship to end, however, in therapy we are always working toward the therapy ending. Though a therapist may feel like a friend at times, it is this ending process that differentiates therapy from friendships and family relationships.

At the heart of TA therapy is the "contract". This is a mutual agreement between you and me about what we are doing and why. The contract isn't fixed, and evolves as therapy progresses. It often starts out as a foundation for "exploration" becoming more focussed as you gain awareness of what might be blocking your personal growth. Because we have this "contract" we'll know when we've fulfilled it. This guards against open ended therapy.   

Though the tools might appear quite simple at first, as you learn the language of TA you'll find it has a surprising depth. It gives you the words to describe yourself and what drives your interactions with others. The simplicity of this language means you can pass it on to help others in your life develop fluency about what they're feeling and why. 

Appointments are 55 minutes in length and cost £65. Frequency is usually weekly by mutual arrangement. Read my Booking and Fees FAQ for more detailed information. 

Please contact me here to set up your first session.