Living with ADHD, Aspergers or Autism Spectrum is hard, but there's no need to struggle through alone. If you are  having difficulty coping with feeling "different" it's a good idea to talk to a trained therapist with experience in this area. While there are numerous highly qualified therapists out there, very few have experienced what it feels like to live with ADHD or ASD.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with ADHD (Combined Type) as it was known then. When diagnosed, I was in my 40's and had lived with the effects of undiagnosed ADHD for decades. At various points in my life I had developed coping strategies, but these often failed when my circumstances altered.

Being diagnosed with Adult ADHD was a major turning point in my life. The next significant step was discovering Transactional Analysis. Its logical, direct language and focus on demystifying relationships makes it a perfect fit for ADHD/ASD and High Functioning Autism.

My experience of living with ADHD means I know how important it is to learn about your own unique presentation of ADHD. I also understand how import it is to develop healthy and flexible coping strategies. These are a vital steps in building a life that suits you.

Many of the messages about what's important in life don't work for the ADHD or ASD individual, leading to confusion stress, anxiety and grief.  ADHD and ASD people  have their own strengths and weaknesses that can be difficult for others to comprehend, adding to the confusion.

Finding our own values and ways of living is the first part of learning to live an ADHD/ASD friendly life. Second to this is learning how to find and relate to others who appreciate us for who we are. Neither of these is easy, and support can be crucial. Unfortunately this often hasn't been available from family or peers. Support from a trained and ADHD/ASD experienced therapist fills the gap and can make an immense difference. 

Non-ADDers have a hard time understanding the issues ADDers have with apparently simple tasks. Managing expectations in relationships is an important area for both the ADDer and their family. Because of this ADHD/ASD is the only area where I work with couples and parents.

Please note I do not work with people under the age of 16. 

To arrange an introductory session either over the phone, online or face to face, please contact me here.