Anger, Frustration, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Depression, Anhedonia* and low energy affect many of us at some point in our life. As well as affecting us they also affect those around us, impairing family and work relationships and putting marriages under strain. 

It doesn't matter if you don't know what's causing the problem or you feel stuck having tried many possible solutions. Talking confidentially to a trained counsellor is proven to be one of the best ways of tackling these issues.

These are symptoms, the equivalent of pain in physical illness and show that something has affected us on a psychological level. Anti-depressives and anti-anxiety medications relieve the pain, but they do not attend to the underlying cause, which may or may not heal on its own.  

In these circumstances the therapists job, is similar to the physicians, to gently explore the symptoms with the client, and use their training and experience to map out what might be the unseen causes. Once some understanding has been gained the therapist then encourages and enhances psychological healing processes that are innate in all of us.

It doesn't matter if you are taking medication to help relieve your symptoms, talking to a therapist is a good way to additionally boost your healing process. Most GP's encourage clients to seek out alternatives to medication as the options available on the NHS are limited. If you have any concerns about whether seeing a counsellor is a good idea, your GP will be happy to give you guidance.

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*Anhedonia is an "inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities"