Working toward social change can be an intensely rewarding experience bringing energy and vitality to relationships and activities. 

However the these highs have a shadow side which can show itself as burnout, disillusionment, and being forced to make a choice between intimate relationships, friendships and the cause.

My work in the third sector (Charities, Social Enterprises and Community Organisations) led me into becoming a practicing therapist. Over many years working with third sector organisations I encountered considerable passion and desire to make a positive difference, however I also met many people in deep distress as their choice of work made increasingly unsustainable demands upon them. 

The issues faced by activists are distinct from people in other forms of work and my experience has been that the usual therapeutic approaches may not appreciate the differences that underlie the presenting symptoms. TA has a set of tools that are well suited to exploring and disentangling the complex psychological relationships and emotional drivers involved in activism and third sector work.

My experience is that many activists and third sector workers go through periods of personal catharsis and darkness. Unfortunately this can often be a point where cynicism and disillusionment takes hold and the person loses their effectiveness to inspire the change they so desire. If the individual learns from, and grows through this low point they often become more potent and effective than they were previously.  This is where talking to a TA therapy can really help.

TA techniques are used across the world to shift the way people think about issues, promote relationship and assist the resolution of entrenched positions. They are used to mentor others, initiate dialogue and resolve conflict. They are also powerful in promoting resilience n the face of adversity.

Because of it's directness and power in looking at difficult relationships and aim of improving communication TA is ideal for activists and third sector workers at any time in their life. You don't have to be in crisis to use it. Learning a bit of TA will help you avoid the shadows and become a more effective advocate for your cause. 

My work with activists has also made me aware of the additional issues facing activists around personal and data security. Activists should read the FAQ on Confidentiality if you wish to discuss security concerns before we meet or begin therapy.  

If you'd like to arrange an introductory session please contact me using this form or via SMS/Signal on 07419211548.